Victoria Milan’s sign-up process is easy and will be pretty familiar if you’ve ever signed up to another dating site

Victoria Milan’s sign-up process is easy and will be pretty familiar if you’ve ever signed up to another dating site

Of its 7-million users, over 150,000 Victoria Milan members are based in the UK. The top sites for membership are the US and Canada and in Europe including Poland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

This seems a little young to be dissatisfied in a long relationship, but remember the site is also used by people in open relationships and those who just prefer not to be the primary partner.

Victoria Milan Sign Up

You input your email address, gender, and the gender or genders you’re looking for, as well as your relationship status and country of residence. Choose a username, verify the email and you’re good to go.

As I said elsewhere, I doubt many people use their main email address to sign up for Victoria Milan (unless they like a particularly intense thrill whenever their Gmail notification goes off) but you do need to use a genuine, active email account because the site does send a verification message.

Making Your Victoria Milan Profile

Profiles on Victoria Milan are pretty simple. You fill out a tagline or bio and provide some info on your likes and physical appearance, and upload photos if you want to add them.

First, you’ll be asked to choose your dating interests and turn-ons (not for the prudish!) from a pre-prepared list of tabs. The more you choose, the more matches you are likely to get.

That being said, if your interests are very specific and niche your matches are more likely to share them if you don’t pad this section out too much in the hope of a larger match pool.

Your bio can be as flirty as you like, though this is the main information on who you are and what you’re like for interested users.

Keep it short and sweet, but maybe tell other users who you are and what you’re looking for – ‘Hot suburban mom, bored and looking for fun or ‘City-boy looking for a no-strings bbw hookup sites bit on the side’.


Victoria Milan asks for things like your height, weight, and build. This is because many users don’t show all of themselves in pictures for reasons of discretion. Plus this is a site that’s all about getting down and dirty, whether online or IRL, so physical attributes matter to many members.


You will also be asked to upload pictures at this point. You can blur your face with the anonymous blur tool, and the pictures won’t turn up in things like Google searches.

If you’re hiding your face make sure to show off some other good physical features, though, or maybe a great outfit.

Obviously, things like family photos are an adultery turn-off. And I know you liked your suit, but no one wants a cropped and blurred version of your wedding photo. I promise everyone can tell. Yes, even if it’s the ones from the reception!

Profiles with pictures are 200% more likely to get a response, and if you send the first message you’re 500% more likely to get one back if you have a picture.

If you’re worried about being identified through things other than your face, you can also post pictures of your favorite parts of yourself in isolation. Get creative!

Photos are reviewed by moderators before they’re visible to Victoria Milan users, so do abide by the site’s rules! That means no landscapes, no obscene content, and no images that violate anybody else’s rights.

Private Galleries

Private galleries can either be more risque than your public images, or they can show a little more of who you really are. You can send keys to users you’re getting along with to allow them into these galleries.

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