Epiphytes, vegetation that do not you prefer ground

Epiphytes, vegetation that do not you prefer ground

We frequently tune in to that epiphytes plants live on air and you will it really appears to be it, because they don’t nearly you prefer soil to cultivate. They develop on the trunks capitalizing on their peak in search of the source of energy far wished inside tropical forest: the sunlight. In this article i identify epiphytes adjustment and also the most commonly known epiphytic categories of this type of amazing flowers.

This new epiphytes survive other plant life in place of parasitize her or him otherwise ruining any of their areas or properties. Epiphytes benefit from almost every other flowers structures due to the fact physical assistance so you can develop into brand new shady forest canopy, utilizing the trunks and you can twigs off more mature woods to arrive even more height and catch the sun. Epiphytes never ever contact the floor; they are adapted to live the air!

• The ability to get liquids and diet in the heavens, the precipitation additionally the couple of soil otherwise all-natural particles that stay static in the brand new woods trunk area in which they root.

In the event epiphyte flowers trust the host to get their nutrition, they generally build much that overburden the server and end up destroying the assistance. Here is the case of some Ficus (Moraceae), titled “strangler fig” you to definitely build aerial origins to other trees instead permitting them to build.

Thanks to the epiphytes contribution we can declare that exotic precipitation forest are prepared into the a vertical gradient along side woods trunks, where we find organism diversity structured based on its range to the floor. Epiphytes is actually mostly responsible for new most steeped biodiversity which makes exotic rainforests probably the most advanced ecosystems on the planet. As well as bringing various other layers off plant life along level, epiphytes bring safeguards and nutrition to various insects and you can amphibians; just who fool around with liquids stored in this new epiphytes leaves given that a coverage otherwise nest in the haven generated in the center of the fresh trunk.

Epiphytes are observed generally inside the tropical rainforests, where dozens epiphytes keeps filed using one forest. Although not, from inside the temperate environments otherwise deserts we are able to as well as found drought open-minded epiphytic variety.

Currently, just as much as twenty-five,000 types was epiphytes. Most typical and you may known epiphytes try Bromeliaceae and Orchidaceae parents and you may ferns. Epiphytism have searched from time to time throughout the evolution and then we located instances in other warm spermatophytes (herbs which have seeds and you will trunk) like Ericaceae, Gesneriaceae, Melastomataceae, Moraceae and you will Piperaceae and in seedless plant life (lichens, mosses and you can liver) of moderate weather.


Orchids feel the large level of epiphytic global, which have 20 warm epiphytic genera. The fresh genus with far epiphytes species count is actually Bulbophyllum (1800) and you may Dendrobium (1200). The brand new genus out of epiphytic orchids Phalaenopsis (sixty variety) is actually expanded all over the world for its beauty. Actually, of a lot herbs used in interior horticulture try epiphytes because they have couples nourishment and water requirements.

One of orchids, we desired to highlight a types known for a different reasoning: the newest vanilla (Vanilla extract planifolia), native to Mexico and you can Main The united states, in which it was ate having cocoa. It was imported in order to Reunion island and you can Madagascar (currently basic world brands) by Spaniards after they discovered their unbelievable style. The latest vanilla crops replicate its definitely grow into the trees, and vanilla herbs aren’t sex to your soil, but towards logs. The new part of the vanilla bush that is ate is the nonetheless young fresh fruit, immediately after a healing procedure.

Orchids have one quite state-of-the-art pollination options in the plant world, with many instances of monospecific coevolution solutions about bugs and you will hummingbirds. Vanilla is an additional analogy, since it is merely pollinated because of the Mexican native bees and you may hummingbirds, so pollination will not exist however throughout the cultivation portion and you will it must be accomplished by hand. Usually, girls and kids nevertheless habit so it homemade strategy pollinating for every single vanilla rose to track down its dear fruit. In fact, vanilla extract ‘s the earth’s most costly collect, by pounds.


Bromeliaceae includes more 3,one hundred thousand neotropical types, most of them epiphytic. The quintessential types rich genera is actually Tillandsia (450), Pitcairnia (250), Vriesia (200), Aechmea (150) and Puya (150). Brand new actually leaves from bromeliads grow during the rosette assisting the fresh accumulation off liquid. This new cultivation out of bromeliads might have been blocked during the Brazil (in which we discover 43% regarding Bromeliaceae indigenous species) by ignorance, whilst is believed that that it drinking water recommended brand new reproduction away from Aedes aegypti, mosquito transmitter away from Zika, dengue and you can chikungunya trojan. In reality, bromeliads enjoys second ingredients one to avoid the proliferation associated with mosquito eggs and larvae because h2o within the departs creates a great micro-environment one to accumulates diet one to supply flirtwith bezpłatna wersja próbna most other bugs, amphibians and you may indigenous birds which can help assaulting it. Bromeliaceae plant life has brilliant tone and are usually followed closely by fancy bracts including drawing the interest of pollinators, especially hummingbirds and bats. Of numerous bromeliads can be used given that ornamental plants, especially Tillandsia and you may Guzmania.

Epiphytes of temperate weather

Perhaps one of the most unbelievable epiphytic ferns is the staghorn fern (Platycerium bifurcatum), popular because an ornamental plant. The brand new staghorn fern is actually indigenous to Australian continent but is utilized in most of the tropical components employed for garden. That it fern grows one or two leaf shapes: the initial kind was renal-designed and will not establish spores; its function will be to anchor on the trunk area. This type of will leave sooner or later to get a tan color and function a bottom at which the second variety of leaves develop; which happen to be fruitful and that generate spores. The new fertile leaves try enough time and you may bifurcated and certainly will mature to help you 90 cm enough time. The brand new spores of the fern are designed in the leaves apex you to definitely acquire a great velvet looks.

At moderate forest, the most used epiphytes is actually lichens. One of lichens, we want to high light Usnea or old’s males mustache. It’s a cosmopolitan genus expanding for the conifers and you may deciduous trees. This grayish fruticose lichen expand since curtain shape hanging off woods. Curiously, there’s a types of epiphytic bromeliads one reminds Usnea while the they express this progress means. The called Foreign language moss (Tillandsia usneoides) it is neither a beneficial moss otherwise lichen, but a bromeliad which have tiny makes broadening chained toward ground. Nor try Foreign language however, lives in America.

Usnea lichen growing as an excellent curtain into temperate climates (left) and you will Tillandsia usneoides out-of warm climates (right): Source: Barres Fotonatura and Wikipedia.

The new epiphytes are nevertheless little-known due to the fact hiking techniques in warm jungle only have come created recently therefore we still recognized a great absolutely nothing in the in contrast to carnivorous otherwise parasitic herbs. The majority are still to see!

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