Resilience is Our Given Strength

Our mission

We aim to provide culturally sensitive services in the domains of counseling, psychotherapy, program development, and evaluation.

Our philosophy

Our role is to facilitate and build inner resilience in all our clients. We believe in tapping into the clients’ inner wisdom and strength, and we believe that they have the ability to draw on internal resources to achieve change and success. We are dedicated to serving both individuals and organizations through fostering personal growth and development.

Who we are

We are a team of specialists bringing two decades of progressive experience in mental health intervention and culturally adapted psychotherapeutic modalities to practice. Our holistic framework for building inner resilience is derived from evidence-based practices that also consider individual differences. Our many years of experience ensure the quality of our services and allow us to be confident that we can find solutions through a shared understanding of human values, behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes, and we can work together to overcome even the most insurmountable personal challenges.