Badoo is a pretty comfortable app if you decide to pay for its main features

Badoo is a pretty comfortable app if you decide to pay for its main features

If you are looking for someone to simply talk to (it’s an option), then you’ll attract people with the same goal, since these intentions are what people look at after they are initially interested in you.

What your real intentions are is up to you to decide, but don’t overlook this bit of information, it’s extremely important. They don’t install Badoo for the same purposes, some think that it’s a pretty good conversation app, for others, it’s just a hookup tool. If you look to get laid soon, then point it out right away, though it’s up to you to formulate what exactly it means for you.

Pros and Cons

In the end, it’s time for a classic pros&cons weighing. When you’ve paid for them, you can actually begin enjoying interacting with users. Here are the advantages of using it:

+ Badoo allows you to see if people are really serious about finding a partner and if they are real people;

+ You get to look for people with shared interests, if not for dating then simply for talking to like-minded men and women;

+ Neat design that enables you to put a lot of information into your profile without making it cluttered and overwhelming;

That’s pretty much it, there are obviously more upsides than downsides, but the disadvantages are just too frustrating. Most of the pros are intended to make your experience comfortable and effortless, but the disadvantages not so much lessen your comfort as take your ability to use the app at all.

It’s not exactly a fair bargain. The cons, however, are pretty subjective – money may not be much of a matter to you, and geolocation shouldn’t be the most accurate. Still, you get to use the advantages only if you overcome the disadvantages, which isn’t how the apps are supposed to work.

In conclusion

All things considered, Badoo is pretty comfortable and fairly functional an app for hookups. It’s not as hard to get laid here if you do everything correctly and feel your profile with the necessary information. It’s even less of an effort if you actually pay attention to the new users in your area. Subjectively, it’s easier and much more comfortable than Tinder and alternative apps.

For the purposes of dating people from abroad, Badoo is close to perfect if you gloss over the fact that you still need to pay to use it for a month, even though your vacation won’t last that long. The community here is big and you get to see if a person you really like speaks English (which Tinder, for instance, can’t provide). Overall, it’s a great app with great possibilities.

But if what you need is more help on how to successfully hookup girls on Badoo or elsewhere, try another article on this blog. And for those who despise reading, there’s also a pretty helpful video about online dating:

You can return to the wrongly rejected match, see who gave you a like, become invisible to everyone for a little while, and a bit more. Some of it is buyable convenience, but the most important parts are essential, it’s very hard to start a conversation with anyone without buying the ‘premium’ first.

Somewhere in between, there will be a whole chapter dedicated to the interests, and all the parameters she chose to describe herself (namely: height, body constitution, etc) will be put on one of the top photos.

Unseen profiles

There is a usual bunch – height, weight, habits, and so on. You might gloss over one very important bit of information, your intentions. You are to choose them right after creating your account and letting people know them is really significant.

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