Resilience Plus: integrated steps for psychological self-care

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The Integrated Step Ladder Approach to Achieving Psychological Recovery consists of seven primary steps, each represented by a corresponding “R” word. It was developed to assist in the identification and treatment of psychological distress. It can be adapted for a variety of settings but has particular relevance for healthcare workers, caregivers, and other helping professions and unique applicability during the COVID-19 pandemic. It begins with a review of risk factors and symptoms of compassion fatigue (CF) and psychological distress, asks users to Rewind and look back on their career path, encourages them to Reflect on their physical and psychological safety, and provides them with tools to Renew their capacity for emotional self-regulation

Next, it helps users Rise above their challenges to improve self-efficacy, Reconnect to a healthy social network, and finally Run forward with a sense of self-acceptance and purpose. By applying this incremental process, users of the Integrated Step Ladder Approach can progressively build upon each step to advance through the stages, achieving a greater understanding of themselves, developing better work practices, and building healthier relationships with those around them. This approach addresses common issues of stress that are frequently exacerbated within caregiving communities, providing a valuable resource in the workplace and beyond.

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