WHO Disability Assessment Schedule

In the past 30 days, how much difficulty did you have in:

1.Concentrating on doing something for ten minutes
2.Remembering to do important things?
3.Analyzing and finding solutions to problems in day-to-day life?
4.Learning a new task, for example, learning how to get to a new place?
5.Generally, understanding what people say?
6.Starting and maintaining a conversation?
7.Standing for long periods such as 30 minutes?
8.Standing up from sitting down?
9.Moving around inside your home?
10.Getting out of your home?
11.Walking a long distance such as a kilometre [or equivalent]?
12.Washing your whole body?
13.Getting dressed?
15.Staying by yourself for a few days?
16.Dealing with people you do not know?
17.Maintaining a friendship?
18.Getting along with people who are close to you?
19.Making new friends?
20.Sexual activities?
21.Taking care of your household responsibilities?
22.Doing most important household tasks well?
23.Getting all the household work done that you needed to do?
24.Getting your household work done as quickly as needed?
25.Your day-to-day work/school?
26.Doing your most important work/school tasks well?
27.Getting all the work done that you need to do?
28.Getting your work done as quickly as needed?
29.How much of a problem did you have joining in community activities (for example, festivities, religious or other activities) in the same way anyone else can?
30.How much of a problem did you have because of barriers or hindrances in the world around you?
31.How much of a problem did you have living with dignity because of the attitudes and actions of others?
32.How much time did you spend on your health condition or its consequences?
33.How much have you been emotionally affected by your health condition?
34.How much has your health been a drain on the financial resources of you or your family?
35.How much of a problem did your family have because of your health problems?
36.How much of a problem did you have in doing things by yourself for relaxation or pleasure?

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