Evaluate Your Self-Efficacy Levels

Low levels of self-efficacy increase our vulnerability to life’s challenges. The following statements can help you determine if your self-efficacy level requires improvement:

Respond by selecting Agree or Disagree.

1.I avoid challenges and usually prefer the path of least resistance.
2.I am often afraid of failure.
3.I often retain the belief that I am not capable of performing complex tasks or learning complex skills.
4.I tend to convert failures and adversities into personal shortcomings..
5.I feel that I lack self-confidence.
6.I keep losing my commitment to work. .
7.I usually find it hard to recover from setbacks and under-achievements. .
8.I rapidly lose interest in routine activities and work responsibilities. .
9.I usually put in very little effort even when I need good outcomes.
10.I am vulnerable to depression and anxiety when experiencing failure. .
11.I tend to focus more on my weaknesses than on my strengths.
12.I sometimes wonder if my problems will ever go away.

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