I have been a broker for STE since

I have been a broker for STE since

I think if some of these people would have put half the effort into their ventures as they do into complaining, they probably would have been more successful.

I could not see how i could’t and if I didn’t I have thrown away $500 on crazier things

Now in retrospect I would not recommend this approach. Here is my story. I signed up as a broker at the same time I transitioned from one new home builder of seven years to another new home builder. However, I saw “it” right away and because I am comfortable with commission only positions I was not concerned about making back my initial investment.

The truth of the matter is we do not know

Prior to proceeding I feel compelled to address the idea of purchasing a credit card that gives you cash back in lieu of STE. Several people have referred to credit cards that will give you cash back. Wouldn’t you agree that enouraging people to tarnish their credit score to apply for a numerous amount of credit cards is not the wisest advise? Do we know their spending habits, are they disciplined, would they even qualify? If they already have those cards, and are disciplined the fabulous news is that they can still be used to get cash back from the credit card company, on top of that they can use coupon codes, in addition they could possibly get free shipping or shipping discounts, as well as no tax (many non brick and mortar stores like drugstore don’t charge taxes), and on top of getting a product that you were intending on using your gas to drive to(not the best for the environment and costs) battle traffic is some cases (which interferes with your peace of mind), wait in line (there is a value associated with ones time) and only receive savings on some of what you purchased when you could have received cash back simply from going through your own portal to give you credit and then you go to the same stores exact website anyway. Am I missing something, how do others not get it? However, that seems a bit self centered when they would have the option of experiencing the savings themselves or they still may say “its not for me” and support you on your site since they in many cases could be paying less or atleast the same while helping out a friend. They deserve the right to choose and with that being said they do not deserve to be stalked! Respect their decision but do give them a choice to make a change in their lives too.

I will tell you for me that Shop to Earn/ Shop to Earth has changed my life and it is not the money that gives me sleepless nights now that I am a more experienced broker, it is the opportunity to make a difference and by doing so I am in a position to teach my team (who are people who I love and care about and who believed in me) to be successful in their spending habits as well as in their business if they choose that option by training them, supporting them, and teaching them about marketing and the power of duplication. People so often feel the need to explain everything and reinvent the wheel, that is what is great about STE, presentations, weekly meetings, toting product, delivering product is not necessary. I was considering joining Fortune which is another MLM and was really close to doing so before I was approached by a previous sales manager of mine and a team mate of mine. I crossed my arms and even went so far as to tell them that I will listen because I respect them but dont be angry when I say “no”. I had essentially already made up my mind. I knew I did not have time for a traditional part time job because I worked late evenings when I wrote purchase agreements and I worked weekends but I wanted some incremental cash to help with all of my adjustments. You see because I chose to switch from one builder where I already had a pipeline and a back log meant that I would be starting over with the new builder just until I had time to do some cultivating. Once again I made a change for the company culture not the money.

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