Mental Health Meter

Now you’re ready to take the Mental Health Meter (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2020). Please answer every question below as honestly as you can. Read each statement, indicating whether you “Agree” (A) or “Disagree” (D) with it.



This is not a scientific test. Information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. If you feel that you may need advice, please consult a qualified health care professional.


1.I tend to live in the moment and appreciate the “now.”
2.I often dwell on past experiences and daydream about different outcomes.
3.I recognize that some things can’t be changed.
4.My feelings of happiness are often overshadowed by worry about the future.
5.My home is a comfortable, pleasant place
6.I worry a lot about my friends and family
7.When life gets tough, I retreat from friends and family.
8.When I’m under serious stress, I can’t lead a normal life.
9.I believe that I can learn from difficult times
10.After an emotional upheaval, it makes me feel guilty to feel happy
11.I exercise regularly and eat right, even when life gets busy or stressful.
12.I have a great support network.
13.There aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to do.
14.I always make time for my hobbies.
15.My friends often complain that they never see me.
16.If life is a juggling act, then I think I’m a pretty good juggler.
17.I practice a relaxation technique regularly
18.Focusing on work will get me where I want to be.
19.Compliments make me uncomfortable.
20.I have good self-esteem.
21.When people say I have positive qualities, I have trouble believing what they are saying.
22.I know what my strengths are and I work to develop them.
23.I feel I am reaching my potential
24.Taking chances is risky, but it’s worth the risk
25.I don’t always know what to expect from people
26.My problems are usually caused by other people.
27.Life is smoother when I keep my emotions level at all times.
28.I accept things the way they are, even if I don’t like them.
29.I’m often frustrated when other people don’t share my point of view.
30.I cope well with change

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لم استطع الرجوع للاجابات السابقة
ملاحظة السؤال 8 اجابته Agree ، السبب خطا بالترجمة

على الرغم اني بالحياة اليومية اقدر اعرف شو صفاتي بالنسبة لهي النقاط
حسيت بالحيرة لما اجيت اجاوب
كنت اغير الاجابات كل مرة.ع الرغم انو اجاباتي قد تعبر اني غير مرنة مثلا
الا اني اعتبر نفسي مرنة
الجانب الاكثر صدقا
اني فعلا ماعرف استمتع بالحياة
الجواب اللي انا فعلا كنت سريعة بالاجابة
هو اعتبر المنزل مو مريح

انا مشكلتي كلمة دائما المواقف ليست بنفس المعايير دائما ..لست دائما قلقة ..او مستمتعة..او مرتاحة الماقف و المسؤوليات هي ما تحكم احيانا لو وضع خيار اغلب ..او تقريبا افضل من موافق ا غير موافق يعني لو عدنا للخمس خيارات ربما كان المقياس اقرب

كنت صادقة مع نفسي بالاجابات وبعض الأسئلة اخترت شو اكتب لأن حسيت حالي بين بين
بتمنى اعرف الدرجة وتفسيرها

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