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Meet Our Team

Our psychotherapists work through the lens of culture to foster positive growth in therapy settings.
Researcher & Psychotherapist

Amjed Abojedi, PhD, RP, CCC

Dr. Amjed Abojedi is an associate professor of counseling and psychological assessment, and a registered psychotherapist with CRPO-Canada. He specializes in psychotherapy for traumatized refugees and immigrants. As, immigrant insight scholar. Abojedi advocates mental health through research and knowledge translation activities.
MHPSS Consultant & Psychotherapist

Bilal Budair, MA, RP

Budair is a registered psychotherapist who works with both adolescents and adults from different age groups and cultural backgrounds experiencing diverse ongoing challenges. He specializes in post-traumatic growth and recovery.
Psychotherapist/Counselor & Spiritual Care Giver

Seniha Yildiz, registered (Qualifying) psychotherapist

Seniha Yildiz is a chaplain and registered (Qualifying) psychotherapist providing psychological counseling and spiritually integrated psychotherapy. She specializes in depression, anxiety, PTSD, and family and couple relationship issues.

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